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  • IMG_1724 - Version 2Hi, I’m Kyle Gray, founder of Conversion Cake.

    I have worked with startups and small businesses like WP Curve to implement successful content marketing strategies to grow traffic and nurture them into customers.

    I developed a system of proven strategies, processes and templates that get results.

    I’m here to share the strategies, processes and frameworks I used with you.

  • Paid traffic strategy

    Generate new leads with Facebook ads that cut through the noise and connect with your ideal customers.

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    We’ll put your best content in front of your audience to build trust and entourage action.

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    We’ll get you more sales with less work with an automated email marketing system that delivers engaging copy with perfect timing.

  • What are people saying?

    • Kyle was a huge help to our marketing at WP Curve. He ran things so well that few people noticed I handed the blog off to him. He freed up a tremendous amount of time and energy for me and kept the business growing.
    • Kyle is a smart marketer with a proven track record as an expert in content marketing and FB advertising.
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