• Want explosive traffic, a stream of qualified leads, raving fans, and predictable growth for your business in 2017?

    You need The Story Engine

    Do you have a startup or a small business? Is your great product or service going unseen? Are you too busy managing your team to tell your story and promote your work?

    The Story Engine can help you. We use a process driven system to build an in-house content marketing team that creates and promotes engaging content, builds relationships with influencers in your industry and captures your startup’s unique story.

  • Most content marketing campaigns fail because they don’t have predictable systems or a defined strategy.

  • Content marketing doesn’t have to be a struggle


    Would you like to have a proven strategy to guide your content marketing?

    How would it feel to have a team of experts that can create engaging content with your ideas and stories?

    How would it feel to have a system of written processes that keep your Story Engine running with minimal effort on your part?

  • What would your life be like if your business got 100’s or even 1,000’s of new qualified leads and customers month-after-month on autopilot?


    The Story Engine is a system that automates and streamlines your content marketing. We create a strategy that gets results and resonates with your audience, and we put everything in place to execute on that strategy.

    With this system you’ll be able to build an in-house content marketing team that takes your expertise, unique story and voice and turns it into great content.

    By the time we’re finished you’ll have a system that creates consistently great content with minimal demands on your team and your time.


  • Who is behind the Story Engine process?

  • Kyle Gray Content MarketingI’m Kyle Gray, content strategist, bestselling author and entrepreneur

    As the content manager for WP Curve, I used content marketing as the main tool to grow them to 1 Million in annual revenue. I developed and refined the systems that were necessary to run a content marketing campaign and increase traffic by around 10% month over month.

    I managed the entire content pipeline from ideation to promotion on the content as well as developing strategies and processes to expand our reach.

    I’m here to install the same strategies, processes and frameworks in your business

  • Here's just some of what you'll get from the Story Engine

    A focused content strategy that aligns with your startup’s mission and resonates with your audience.

    Documented processes to automate and streamline content creation and promotion.

    Predictable traffic growth with a well organized and consistent content pipeline.

    I’ll help you search for and recruit ideal content creators join your team and tell your story.

  • What are people saying?

    • Kyle was a huge help to our content marketing at WP Curve. He ran things so well that few people noticed I handed the blog off to him. He freed up a tremendous amount of time and energy for me and kept the business growing.
  • Ready to start your Story Engine?

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  • Who is a good fit for the Story Engine?

    Based on our experience with past clients, we find that we can get the best results for look like this:

    • You have a great market fit and customers
    • You’re interested in long-term growth, not short-term wins
    • You make 6 figures or more in revenue
    • Your customer has a high lifetime value
    • You are a process-driven business
    • You’re willing to work with remote team members